Rulon & Wyoma Eames Family

This is a conversation while eating Sunday lunch on 8/6/23 with mom, dad, Martin and Bryan. The main topic of discussion eventually centered around the featured photo of this article.

Martin: Looks good, Mom.

Bryan: Looks good. Thank you.

Mom (to dad): If you tasted it.

Dad: Mm hmm. It tastes okay.

Mom: Okay. Did you get a squeeze of lemon on your salmon?

Dad: Mm hmm.

Mom (to Martin and Bryan): You want napkins? Lemon. Thank you. Yeah.

Mom (to dad) Wow. That taste okay? Oh, you haven’t eaten anything but your salad. They were lemon. I put lemon on it.

Dad: Okay.

Mom: Oh, well, I guess our cherry tree is dead as a.

Martin: Yeah. Our what? Oh, the tree.

Mom: There’s. Martin says there’s no leaves left on the well. The tree that is there now is like a sucker. A sucker from the original one. The original was died. Your dad cut that off. And so this out there now was just a sucker that came up from that original tree. And it, you know, it’s lasted quite a little while and produced, you know, nice cherries. But I guess it’s it’s gone now.

Bryan: Like an old sucker, huh?

Mom: Yeah, Maybe that was common out here. There, there.

Martin: Their (the next door neighbor’s) cherry tree has a lot of dead branches going back to their cherry tree.

Mom: If you look, there’s a lot of dead branches in that one too. Is there?

Martin (to me, in reference to mom’s hearing): Got to love it.

Me: I have to. We’ll be there soon enough.

Mom: Well, they’ve been busy. They’ve been really busy people this summer. Gone a lot, so they haven’t done a whole lot in their yard. Okay. All the kids are gone, so they don’t have any help.

Bryan: What do they need help with?

Mom: Huh? What do they need help with? I guess the yard work. Oh, So now, with the kids gone that used to mow the lawn, you know, help with the weeding. Royce and Melissa, they just don’t have the time. I’ve actually only seen and it probably it was Royce. Him mow the lawn probably once this summer. I haven’t seen Melissa mower at all. She hired somebody to come in and they’ve only done it once.

Bryan: They didn’t hire the fence breaker guy?

Mom: Yeah, they did. And he’s only cut them one time.

Bryan: And probably billed them for all summer, huh?

Martin: Probably.

Bryan (to mom): Did you call Arlene this week,

Mom: huh?

Bryan: Did you call Arlene this week?

Mom: She called. She said it’s been quite a while.

Martin: She did not just call in to check up on you and see if you’re still. I think that, uh.

Mom: Yeah, I guess there’s still that Whatever is going on with Mike and the rest of the family. Well, that is nobody at home. Yeah, he does not want to have any association with them.

Bryan: Really? With the rest of the family?

Mom: Yeah. And she doesn’t seem to want to share what’s going on there. She’ll just say, I don’t want to talk about it. She says, “I don’t want to get into that right now.”

Bryan: Why did she even tell you that?

Martin and I go into a humor tangent…

Martin: What I told Mom. I told you. Call her up and go, “Oh, damn Scott, I won’t get into it right now.”

Bryan: You would not like what he’s saying about you!

Martin: Yeah, but it was too much to talk about.

Bryan: Yeah.

…end of tangent. Now the conversation begins to lead into the photo featured in this post.

Bryan: How old is he? Mike? Same as Kevin? They are more or between.

Mom: Yeah, well, Lori, she’s the oldest, and then there’s Mike, a couple of years younger than her. And they. I’m not sure of their ages. They’re like, Lori and Kevin… Where does Laurie fit in with you kids?

Bryan: I think she’s Kevin’s age.

Mom: Okay. Her and Julie.

Bryan: Uh huh. I think Steve’s a year younger than me or my age. I can’t remember. Is he older than Brad? Steve. So he must be my age then. Steve.

Mom: I used to be able to keep track of, you know, where they fit in with you, you guys, I can’t anymore. I’d have to get the geology out of.

Bryan: Maybe I’ll ask Lori.

Mom: Well, why don’t you, Bryan?

Martin: I think I only know three of the hierarchy of these cousins. Scott, then me. And then Russell. An after that, I don’t know. Lori comes before Julie, Or vice versa.

Mom: I think Russell is, like, a year younger (than Martin). See, I can’t remember either. Isn’t that something? I can’t remember which is which is the oldest of them two (Lori and Julie).

Bryan: Or were they born the same year as Kevin or before?

Mom: Yeah, same year. I think Lori was in like in May and Julie in September. That could have been like Julie and then May Lori.

Bryan: So are they born before Kevin?

Mom: I think so.

Bryan: So Kevin would be the following year.

Mom: Uh huh… Oh crap. I’m going to have to get that genealogy out now.

Bryan: So that would be Russ and then Julie and then Lori and then Kevin.

Mom: I think so. And then Mike and all of them boys.

Bryan: Because if Lori was September, Kevin was February, Mike wouldn’t be older. That’d be too soon. So he’d be after Kevin.

Mom: It would be I think that she might, might be in the spring and uh, I can’t remember though, probably shortly after Kevin.

Bryan: And then there’s me — and then there’s Rulon — he’s a year older than I am. So Mike, Rulon and me. And then there was the next year was Brady, Steve and Brad and then Stephanie. After that. And then after that. I’m not sure. I don’t know where Summer and Jennifer and Theresa are they and Angie and Paul?

Martin: Catherine

Bryan: Oh, there’s… Wayne and Catherine are the same age.

Mom: Did you say Catherine?

Bryan: And Chadley Ann would be in there. Stephanie and her that same year because Brady’s a year younger than me. And then Stephanie was after him, so that’d be two years. Chadley Ann’s two years younger than me.

Mom: Brady and Stephanie But well, I think they’re only a year apart. Brady and Stephanie that picture have the two kids from as and Marcia Brady and Stephanie in it.

Bryan: I think that is the youngest in that picture is probably Stephanie or Chadley.

Martin: in that picture mom is holding a baby which I think is Wayne and would be the youngest in that picture.

Bryan: I wonder if Catherine is somewhere in that picture.

Martin: Where is that picture? Where did you put it away?

Mom: You want to look at it? Well, you can. You’d. I’ll go get it.

Martin: We don’t need to look at it right now. Yeah, we’ll wait till.

Mom: Well, you’re into what you are talking about that. It’s okay. I can take a break.

(as mom gets up, she looks to see how dad is doing with his lunch) Your dad’s doing really good.

Dad: The food is. It is only about half of the salmons, but I got it. Salmon was big… when I had to do that to try and get it over there.

Martin: Some kind of a creature.

Bryan: I know. Like something that Rocky. Rocky was training on

Martin: whole slab. So there’s a lot of salmon on that little piece of.

(back to the picture)

Martin: Marlena went to her, to her dad, to her. Left her, but she’s not here or She’s taking the picture.

Bryan: Is Keith in there? Maybe he’s taking the picture.

Martin (to me): Didn’t you, at one time enlarge that picture?

Bryan: I’ve scanned it now.

there’s Russell.

00;21;15;26 – 00;21;58;28
Julie. A roulette and predator. So none of that mothers, right, Wade? I mean, the three young girls were around by them. So your kids are older than most of them. You’re in this picture. You’ve already got all of them back here. They’re so Wayne, is Wayne older than Wade? No, I think Wade is a year younger than me, and he’s lost.

00;21;58;28 – 00;22;49;16
I forgot about him. He’s with Steve and Brad and Brady. It was rural and me and Wade was after me. It looks like to me that at the time of this picture of him, dead girl, he had one kid. And it looks like to me that maybe only a pregnant Don’t she look like she’s got a big cut right there.

00;22;49;19 – 00;24;28;05
I’ve got Brad on his shoulders. So I think that one leaning across there in front of Dad is actually one of our leave. Well, so there’s Lori. Is that Brad kind of or is she holding that person who one leaning on the object that Lori early Marlene holding Yeah and that they’re leaning around is that Julie behind Scott Yeah I think this is I think this is real and me and Rod maybe we would have to have a bigger and truly a version of that to be alone Cat Brady and Stephanie or Bruce and Jim holding two kids, having a hard time swallowing it.

00;24;28;07 – 00;26;00;26
All right. Yeah. Because you’re full. Probably get it down. Do you have your cereal this morning? Yes, he did. Did he get you? Did, didn’t you? Well, you had your cereal this morning. Yes. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. I think this person right there is Lori. Yeah. And then they’re two boys and there’s I think another boy. Yeah. I think if all me is pregnant with Paul, it looks like she is that I think Paul and Jennifer.

00;26;00;29 – 00;27;03;22
Angie. None of them are in that this picture. I think that’s when they were born. So. So you might be right. Marlene might be gone and Wade’s with her. Maybe know what’s her anything. Yeah, but not right. Well, I couldn’t. We’ll have a creamy going in a few minutes. Okay? Yeah. In this picture, it looks like Wade’s already bigger than Chad.

00;27;03;22 – 00;27;58;08
Like. Yeah, but he’s like a baby. Like, just really. Maybe not even one. They’re so. That must be sick. 1966 this summer. I have to be careful when that belt will come back. I don’t puke. You got to look at the car in the background. Looks like it. Maybe a 60 by Chevy. The new one. A little bug.

00;27;58;10 – 00;29;29;07
I think the Ramblers there. What? Martin Rambler Station. You’ll see the cars out on the road out there. But there’s other station or flag. It might be our lane and Jim in our lane. Yeah. Yeah, That was delicious. Thank you, dear. Yep. Oh, well, we can put it away. So you would suspect Keith is probably taken the picture.

00;29;29;09 – 00;30;07;20
You ever mention a couple of people there in our lane? And I think Keith Frederick, that’s a dad there between Grandpa and Glen hiding back there. Yeah. So we’re missing a couple of grandma and grandpa. That’s my dad and mother that we don’t see. The day Keith would have came there. Yeah, well, yeah, Keith and Eugene, and they would.

00;30;07;22 – 00;31;38;26
And Marlene just didn’t. Will do it right. She just didn’t come. And they brought Grandpa down with him. I think he could do very well. You’d have a few people would have to be gone. But. But like now you’ve recreated a big recreate that thing except for with all the other additions to it, you’d have to have grandpa and gone Grandma and Grandpa.

00;31;39;02 – 00;32;41;19
Charlie Russell, that rover, Jim. I look like I’m wear the same stupid shirt I was wearing in that, but never did buy clothes at work so you wouldn’t have to buy another shirt. Yeah. Okay. We have our rear rephrased. Are clothes already or. I don’t know how well Wayne’s going to fit our model. Okay. With a dyed bird, he can’t be in that little red suit and, I don’t know, maybe t shirt?

00;32;41;21 – 00;33;26;22
Yeah. Yeah. We got a proposed BFR. We can get. Well, I don’t know, I. I can. What? And I can hear Martin talking about a diaper and that way to be the only one that started out I actually wear a shirt or a dog that if we recreated that picture like we did that her way would eat after did with a diaper on baby.

00;33;26;28 – 00;34;14;08
Yeah. Yeah. I think he fit on your lap. Yeah. Yeah, it was. I look at the clothes it it looks like I were in the same shirt I wore of that. Really? Yeah. You never did buy me clothes, huh? Yeah. I think the whole. What am I wearing? Let’s see. Yeah, I’m in a different shirt. I’m the one in the same shirt.

00;34;14;11 – 00;35;27;05
It’s about the same year. That was probably maybe a year older. Gives Wayne’s a little bit older. Oh, yeah. Maybe a year older. He might be two. Or three in that picture on the. Yeah. Or the TV is and Kevin’s in the same shirt team. He can’t his hair. You didn’t grow. Yeah. Yeah I’m just be that he’s very soon is for we’re better be careful or they’ll be soon As for abuse as think we are to look we turn now all about your hard York.

00;35;27;08 – 00;39;20;20
Yeah. Yeah, that was good, Mom. Thanks. Yeah, you’re welcome. Well, you clear up a little bit, rest our tummies for just a little bit. Well, you didn’t need all Your salmon was a big piece. Oh, I know. I should probably save a bowl. Yeah, they. They were pretty sizable pieces of salmon, you know, were. Oh, and it’s for good.