• Rulon & Wyoma Eames Family

    Rulon & Wyoma Eames Family

    This is a conversation while eating Sunday lunch on 8/6/23 with mom, dad, Martin and Bryan. The main topic of discussion eventually centered around the featured photo of this article. Martin: Looks good, Mom. Bryan: Looks good. Thank you. Mom (to dad): If you tasted it. Dad: Mm hmm. It tastes okay. Mom: Okay. Did…

  • Genealogy: Noah Brady Dunn, Abigail Eliza Tippets

    Genealogy: Noah Brady Dunn, Abigail Eliza Tippets

    Children Lillian Edra Dunn b. 26 Sep 1900 Emma Dunn b. 23 Nov 1902 Hattie Dunn b. 21 Jan 1904 Lewis Brady Dunn b. 6 May 1905 Wyoma Dunn b. 22 Feb 1909 Reed Tippets Dunn b. 30 May 1911 Ezra Thurston Dunn b. 3 Sep 1913 Birdean Dunn b. 23 Dec 1916 John Alden…


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