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February Album Writing Month 2019

February Album Writing Month 2019

I usually check in on FAWM each year. In 2018 I made it through a couple songs and supported several folks with comments. I've been doing the same this year and managed to start working on a new track yesterday that is showing some promise. Here's what I've got so far:

I'm trying a few things I haven't done before. As usual, I'm playing everything live, track by track. The horn section is from Native Instruments Session Horns package. It's the full section with some glide added. I love me some horns and like the little wonkiness here. It might be a bit overboard, but what the what. The electric piano is also from Native Instruments' Kontakt catalog, the Scarbee Vintage Keys. And the bass is a Rickenbacker sample (also from Native Instruments) played on the keys. 

I think I'll add either an electric guitar solo or some kind of synth solo, along with vocals. I haven't written the lyric yet. I have no idea what the song's going to be about this time; or even the melody. The song began on acoustic guitar yesterday.

I'm hoping it turns out well.

By: Bryan Baker in Music
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