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Beam Me Up Collaboration

By bbo, 2019-05-10
Beam Me Up Collaboration

I've begun work on a new collaboration with Beam Me Up (aka Scott Carr, Glenside, PA), remixing his recent track called Let It Beep and Beep. I'm having a lot of fun with it because it's a very fun track. Scott's personality always shines through his music and this one bubbles with it. I hope I can extract something out of it and make something new. As you can see from the post picture here, I've got a lot of plugins percolating, pulling Mouth out of the quiver again; this time shaping the bass undergrowth.

Find out more about Scott at his Tapehiss Recordings website.

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Cause Target Update

By bbo, 2019-05-10

CauseTarget.com has been upgraded to JR 5.3. Unwelcomed guests have begun setting up pages and have been summarily purged.

Blind Mime Ensemble's Experimental Post-pop Album, Elementary Penguins, Drops

Blind Mime Ensemble's experimental post-pop album, Elementary Penguins, appeared on Apple Music  and Youtube yesterday and is making its way to a dozen plus other places like Spotify, Amazon, Google Music, etc.

Find it on Apple Music

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February Album Writing Month 2019

I usually check in on FAWM each year. In 2018 I made it through a couple songs and supported several folks with comments. I've been doing the same this year and managed to start working on a new track yesterday that is showing some promise. Here's what I've got so far:

I'm trying a few things I haven't done before. As usual, I'm playing everything live, track by track. The horn section is from Native Instruments Session Horns package. It's the full section with some glide added. I love me some horns and like the little wonkiness here. It might be a bit overboard, but what the what. The electric piano is also from Native Instruments' Kontakt catalog, the Scarbee Vintage Keys. And the bass is a Rickenbacker sample (also from Native Instruments) played on the keys. 

I think I'll add either an electric guitar solo or some kind of synth solo, along with vocals. I haven't written the lyric yet. I have no idea what the song's going to be about this time; or even the melody. The song began on acoustic guitar yesterday.

I'm hoping it turns out well.

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Daily Notes: October 12, 2018

By bbo, 2018-10-12
Daily Notes: October 12, 2018

Analytics show a steady upsurge in traffic for indienewswatch.com. Today I worked on the menu. I deleted the business menu. I don't think that approach is the one I will take with this website. I believe in the independent news mission and want to foster a grass roots independent news community of citizen reporters on the ground and in the field. 

I also did some work to add websites to the directory and programmed the menu to find those successfully, streamlining the search code so we can have a healthy directory of independent news websites to go with our video channel directory.

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Working With Bryan

By bbo, 2017-12-12

The BBO seeks persons interested in working with Bryan and managing properties. We partner on a development/legwork split -- Bryan develops, directs and manages while you partner with us getting things done, which may include everything from writing content to local promotion and sales -- every property is different. If you have an interest in partnering with The BBO on any of its properties, please feel free to contact us.

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Announcement: Method From Madness

My new book, Method From Madness, is now set for publication next spring. All BBO Community members will receive a free digital copy of the book and pre-orders will be handled here as well.


By bbo, 2017-10-01

Hello and welcome to The Bryan Baker Organization.