homemademusic.com was started in December of 1998 to make and sell CD’s for home recording artists. At the time, burning CD’s at home was a common and accessible thing for most independent home recording artists, but there was a lingering stigma that the music was not up to standard. Of course, my thought has always been that the homemade recordings had a certain magic of their own and was worth exploring.

The website was initial created with HTML, using Filemaker as a way to build 1000’s of consistent pages with some semblance variable, on-demand dynamics. I used perl to generate calls to shop pages with the data uploaded to a server on a nightly basis. Participating artists could access sales data as well.

It was certainly not up to today’s technology, but it was pretty cool for the time.

Today, homemademusic.com is my blog for home recording from my own perspective of being 60+ years-old with experiences unique to publishing a magazine and various music-related websites, while continuing to be fascinated with emerging creative technologies.

I get into many different compositional workflows from using Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 to software synths in Logic Pro as well as sampling, collaboration and much more.

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