Weblog 200814

PhotogHub.com is BBO’s highest Adsense earning site and is operating on cruise control. I will be spending more time with this and clarifying its revenue streams. The mailing lists I’ve tarted on Active Campaign for several sites are beginning to pick up subscribers. VlogWatch gets one or two almost every day lately. GAJOOB is getting some as well, although none of them have confirmed. I’m looking into this.

PhotogHub.com is one of the few remaining Jamroom sites. I haven’t moved away from the platform. It still appears much better suited to community websites that WordPress and its many plugins. WordPress can drain money if you’re not careful. Every new plugin has a pro version that means another subscription siphon. The latest is an mp3 player plugin called Sonaar Player I added to blindmime.com. I saw it on the Aucourant Records website where they had it positioned at the bottom. Very classy.

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