I'm Bryan Baker


At nearly 60 I am happy for a long list of accomplishments and have no intention of easing any time soon. This is too much fun.





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Weblog 200814

PhotogHub.com is BBO’s highest Adsense earning site and is operating on cruise control. I will be spending more time with this and clarifying its revenue

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Running a 100K

I’ve thrown a big, smelly shoe in the youtube ring and joined Anthony Ambriz’ 100K mentoring program. Here goes everything.

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Cosmic Confirmation

Seems there’s something I’ve forgottenScattered through the days of all my yearsLosing sight from all the wantingBeyond the simple things I should hold dear Where

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About this video

I open new mail from Vinyl On Demand, the new book by Jerry Kranitz called Cassette Culture, Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit In the Pre-Internet Age. Visit GAJOOB.ORG for more about the book from Bryan Baker. Order from VOD at https://www.vod-records.com/-1-432-67… Highly recommended for people into experimental music, cassette culture, underground arts, mail art and collaboration before email and websites.